"was know as first in war,first in peace,and first in heart"


George Washington was the First president of the United States of America. He was a very smart and courage man. He was born on February 22 , in Virgina. In his Early life , he loved hearing stories of his brother Lawrence. He was terrible at handwriting , he practiced everyday.


George Washington Accomplishments were that he became the First president of the USA . He also ushered in the Bill Of Rights and the residence act which authorized the president to select tne seat. He was Established two - term president . He also was the commander .


He chopped a cherry tree and said he would never lie. George was the only president who did not live in Washington D.C. He was the only president who unanimously elected. Geore washington loved horses and was an excellent rider. He also never wore a powdered wig , and was the custom for men at that time.He married martha .


He is smart and honest man for example : He even cut down a tree and told his father that he would never lie. He also was the president so he must be smart .That is why he is smart and honest. He was also resposible .