Recipe for the American Civil War

by James Nielsen


Prep time:1619-1833 Ready in:1861

Cook time:1834-1860 Serves: the United State "Starts a war that destroys slavery, along with an entire nation."


*The Compromise of 1850

*The Fugitive Slave Act


*Southern Slave Owners

*Uncle Tom's Cabin

*The Kansas-Nebraska Act

*"Bleeding Kansas"

*The Pottawatomie Massacre

*abolitionist John Brown

*the rise of the Republican Party

*the Dred Scott Decision

*President Abraham Lincoln

*The Confederate States of America

*the attack on Fort Sumter



1.In the North, combine the Fugitive Slave Act, abolitionists, Uncle Tom's Cabin, "Bleeding Kansas", and the Dred Scott Decision. Then sprinkle with the Confederacy and Fort Sumter. Let it simmer for a couple of years.

2.In the South, mix together the Compromise of 1850, Southern slave owners, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the Pottawatomie Massacre, and John Brown. Add some finely grated Republicans and Abraham Lincoln and leave it out to spoil for a while.

3.Preheat United States oven to 400 degrees.

4.Combine both sides and stir everything together. Bake until 1861. Your end result should be the Civil War.