Commercial Precis

Jared Wilson

MM - Ad Maserati Super Bowl Commercial 2014 HD

In this Super Bowl commercial "Maserati Super Bowl Commercial (2014), Maserati announces a new car that will compete with the top dogs of the industry like Ford, Chevrolet, and GMC. Maserati begins with powerful images of nature with a young girls voice poetically describing a metaphor of the huge American car and truck companies as sleeping lumbering giants, when describing how clever, fast, and nimble the alternative is; all while the viewer does not know what the commercial is advertising or which company until the end with a speeding Maserati fades to the simple Ghilbi logo. Using examples from middle class America (industrialized workers), Maserati indicates that their car does not fit the typical stereotype in order to shatter beliefs about its exclusivity, Maserati uses an emotional appeal to the emotion of growth, courage, and being brilliant to grab all type of people to purchase their sports car luxury. Using an alluring, fearless, ad astonishing tone, the intended audience for hard working successful middle class looking to overcome any type of obstacles by showing their blue collar work ethic and having the confidence with also being prepared when the opportunity presents itself is displayed in this commercial.