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September 27, 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Neidig Parents and Guardians,

As we conclude our second week of school, I’d like to give a big shout out to … YOU, Neidig’s parents, and guardians! You are all doing so much to support your children’s learning. While we recognize that the start of this school year is significantly different, the entire Neidig community is doing the best they can in our given situation. Thank you!


On Thursday night, our Board of Directors voted to change the hyrid instructional environment to a live, 5 days a week instructional environment for K through 5 students. The 100% virtual option will remain. This will begin on Monday, October 12.

Important notes:

  • Anyone who is currently attending in person (Instructional Environments Live, A, and B) will automatically switch to live instruction for all five days per week.
  • Anyone who is currently enrolled in a fully virtual setting will remain in a fully virtual setting for five days per week, unless a change is requested. (See below.)
  • As of October 12, the hybrid option (A / B) will no longer be available.
  • The current elementary school day of 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM will remain, at this time.
  • The next QCSD School Board meeting is set for Thursday, October 8, 2020. The board will provide further direction at that time.
  • Until October 12, there is no change to our current school model.
  • Elementary Back to School Nights have been delayed until after the 10/8 school board meeting. Please continue to regularly communicate with your child's teacher(s) prior to Neidig's Back to School night. A date for our virtual Back to School Night will be shared soon.

If you intend to make a switch to your child(ren)’s current Instructional Environment please contact me at

Thank you again for your support and patience as we navigate this new territory. With the updated news we received Thursday night, we are all working hard to transition our plans. We know these are difficult and trying times. Thank you for being our partner in your child’s education.

Have a safe and healthy weekend,

Scott D. Godshalk, Principal

Attendance Update

As stated in the paragraphs above, all in-person learning will change to 5 days a week as of 10/12. Until then, the hybrid version of in-person learning remains in effect. Attendance is taken daily, Monday through Friday, for ALL students. Please review attendance procedures below:

In Person Attendance (Does not apply to 100% virtual students)

On in-person days, attendance is determined by the physical presence of the student. If the child is supposed to be in school on that given day, that child must attend school to be marked present.

Virtual Attendance (Applies to ALL students at least until 10/12)

If your child is scheduled to attend class virtually on a given day, there are two ways for your child to be marked present. There is a synchronous option and an ansychronous option. If your child attends one of his or her teacher's synchronous Google Meets / Zoom sessions, your child is marked present. If your child cannot attend that synchronous check-in, every teacher also offers another attendance check-in option. This is an asynchronous attendance check-in option, meaning there is a large window of time for the child to complete this activity. (Google form, SeeSaw activity,...) That asynchronous attendance check-in MUST be completed by 2:00 PM. Your child's homeroom teacher has communicated this asynchronous attendance process with you. As long as your child completes either of these attendance check-ins each day by 2:00 PM, your child is marked present. If your child does not check-in on the Google Meet or the other attendance check-in by 2:00, your child will be marked absent. Please note that virtual classwork does NOT have to be completed by 2:00, but the attendance process DOES have to be completed by 2:00. Attendance is different from work, and both are important.

Neidig Construction Update

We are so thankful to be back home! We love Neidig Elementary School, and we are pinching ourselves each and every day to have the opportunity to work in this beautiful school.

There are sections of Neidig that are not open yet. If you are familiar with Neidig, you know the ramp area that leads to the lower section of the school. This entire wing is closed. This area contains the new gym, library, art room, and music rooms. Our construction management group anticipates these areas will be open in mid to late October. The truth is, this closed section does not have a large impact on us. As per our district's Health and Safety plan, itinerants (Art, Music, Digital Literacy, ...) are traveling to classrooms, and students are not traveling to those specific areas or classrooms. This is true in all 5 QCSD elementary schools.

The Learning Stair area of the main lobby is usable, but we are waiting for carpeting to be installed on these stairs. This unique space will be a large group gathering area for classes.

The special education rooms and the student support rooms are scheduled to open this Tuesday, September 30. These rooms contain junction points between the primary wing and the new addition, and work is concluding there this weekend. We are excited to open these classrooms next week.

The cafeteria is not open yet. Again, this there is minimal impact here. Our Health and Safety plan indicates that we (and all elementary students in QCSD) are eating lunches in classrooms.

Throughout the building, students may notice other finishing work that needs to occur. This includes molding installation, touch up painting, some technology connections, and other finishings and cosmetic touches.

Picture Days at Neidig

Yes! We are having picture day for ALL students! To accommodate everyone, we have two days set up with our picture vendor, Christmas City.

In person hybrid A students will have their picture taken during the day on Tuesday, October 6.

In person hybrid B students will have their picture taken during the day on Thursday, October 8.

Full virtual students have the opportunity to come to school after other students are dismissed on one of these days to have their pictures taken. This is completely optional. Virtual families should only come to school if they feel comfortable doing so. To help organize these days, we divided virtual students in the following ways:

Virtual student's last names beginning with A - M:

Please come to Neidig on Tuesday, October 6, between 2:30 and 3:30 to have your picture taken.

Virtual student's last names beginning with N - Z:

Please come to Neidig on Thursday, October 8, between 2:30 and 3:30 to have your picture taken.

Virtual families, if you have questions about this process, please contact Mr. Godshalk. 215-529-2362.

From Mrs. Gol - School Nurse

Keeping your Child(ren) Home From School

Each morning your child is attending in-person school, please screen them for COVID-19 symptoms listed below. If they have one symptom in Group A or two symptoms in Group B please keep them home and contact their doctor.

Are you/is the student experiencing any of the following?

Big picture

In order to return to school, you must follow the guidance found in our Exclusion From and Return to School Guidelines

If you have any questions, please contact the High School Nurse’s Office at 215-529-2075

QCSD Student and Family Support Page

The Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL) put together this Parent and Family website. The site provides an overview of a variety of instructional models (hybrid and virtual), resources to support social emotional learning at home, technology support resources, and answers to frequently asked questions. Please take a look around for many supports to help you through this year of education.

FREE Meals for ALL Students!!!

The United States Department of Agriculture has extended a nationwide waiver to allow the Quakertown Community School District to provide FREE meals to ALL students regardless of need through December 2020, or until available federal funding runs out. No qualification or identification is needed.

Please see here for the communication regarding the details of the plan.

New Social Media Pages!

Have you followed our new Neidig Facebook page?

HERE is the Neidig PAL page. Please follow both!

Check out the Neidig PAL Instagram page HERE!

Benchmark Testing (Grades 2 through 5)

Over the next few weeks, all Neidig students in grades 2 through 5 will participate in Benchmark Testing through the "LinkIt" platform. 2nd grade students will complete math only. Students in grades 3 through 5 will complete a Math and RELA (Language Arts) assessment.

Additional information with specific dates / times and directions for accessing the test will be provided to all virtual only students by our teachers.

The results from the benchmark assessment are for instructional purposes only, and provide important information to our teaching team about student strengths and areas for growth.

Technology Problems?

Are you are having technology problems with your child's computer? There are two ways you can get support:

1. Complete this google form and someone from our QCSD tech team will be in touch.

2. Call our tech support help line at 267-371-1262

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