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Welcome to Mrs. Jenkel's Music Blog! This blog is used to update you on what's been going on in the music room at Summit. :) To keep you updated, an email will be sent out when specific grade levels are featured!

Kindergarten is featured below!

Grade Level Feature- Kindergarten

The Kindergartners have been learning about Camille Saint-Saens' "Carnival of the Animals." Throughout the movements of this piece, Saint-Saens created music that sounds like animals, such as a lion, hens and roosters, elephants, kangaroos, and even fossils!

Guess Which Animal

After the students learn about and move to each animal, the students play "Guess Which Animal." I play a movement from the piece, and the students move like the animal they think is playing.

The first video is Mrs. Bakken's class playing "Guess Which Animal." The first clip is "Fossils;" the second clip is "Aquarium;" and the third clip is "Kangaroos."

The second video is Mrs. Hammen's class playing "Guess Which Animal." The first clip is "Aquarium;" the second clip is "Kangaroos;" and the third clip is "Fossils."

Mrs. Bakken's Class

Composing as a Class

To understand the composition process, students compose first as a class. Students suggest eight different animals and then vote on which one they want to compose about the most. Then, students suggest different actions that animals do and pick out which instruments would fit with the action. The students make suggestions to change the composition if needed.

Composing in Cooperative Groups

After composing as a class, students compose an animal in cooperative groups. First, students decide on an animal as a group by voting. Then, students decide what the animal will do in their composition and decide what instruments sound like the animal's actions. Students then play their composition and reflect on whether they'd like to change it or not. Students write down their composition and practice for their performance. The videos below show the students performing their compositions.

Mrs. Conigliaro's class (first video) and Mrs. Lambert's class (second video) are shown sharing their cooperative group compositions.

Mrs. Conigliaro's Class
Mrs. Lambert's Class

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