Fine Arts Diploma Seals


What is the Fine Arts Diploma Seal?

All high school seniors that successfully complete the F.A.D.S. requirements are eligible to receive a seal on their diploma from the Georgia Department of Education. This seal proves that you have completed your pathway and requirements set forth by the State, County, and School. While each school and county may have additional requirements, you can view basic information by clicking HERE.

So you want to earn your diploma seal this spring?

In this newsletter, you will find all of the information needed to get you on track to earn your diploma seal. Please look through everything, mark your calendars for deadlines and reach out for help.

What are the requirements?

STEP ONE: Check your courses

You must have a minimum of 3 fine arts courses in a single area. Additionally, you must have a fourth fine arts course or a course from the CTE pathway. YES, this included courses you are currently enrolled in.

STEP TWO: Check your extra-curricular in fine-arts

Yes, you must participate in fine arts extra-curricular programs in addition to your classes. You must have a minimum of 3 events from Junior and Senior year. This will be verified with your FA teacher.


During your senior year, you must complete 20 hours of community service. This can include volunteering at various fine arts events, community service projects, and/or additional community activities. You will have to have these hours signed off on your FADS COMMUNITY FORM.

STEP FOUR: Your Project/Presentation

Visual Arts and Technical Theatre students will complete a portfolio of your work including descriptions, reflections, and explanations of the work.

Music, Dance, and Theatre Performance Students will perform a 3-5 min. selection(s) demonstrating their work.

ALL students will also submit a one-page, written reflection of their experience, learning, and impact of arts education in their lives.


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