Stimulus / Response ILP Project

Made by: Kaelyn Campbell


Geotropism is when plants grow in a certain way according to the force of gravity.

  • The stimulus is gravity's pull on the plants resources and needs.
  • The response is the way a plant grows or bends in response to gravity.

Turgor Pressure

Turgor pressure is pressure exerted on a plant's cell walls due to full water vacuoles. The stimulus is lots of water. The response is the water vacuole in the cell fills up. A plant with high turgor pressure is healthy and stands erect. Low turgor will cause a plant to wilt.


Wilting is when a plats cells shrivel up due to lack of water in the cell. The stimulus is lack of water. The response is the water vacuole is empty and there is low turgor pressure.


Transpiration is when the evaporation of water through the stoma(holes) in plants. The stimulus is the stoma opening to take in CO2. The response is transpiration.


A dormancy is a period in a plants life where development is temporarily stopped to conserve energy. The stimulus is the seasons changing. The response is leaves falling off and tree goes dormant.
Tomato Plant Wilt & Die
timelapse fall colors in central park
Celery transpiration experiment