Mrs Mangum's Social Studies Class

What to expect & keys to success

What will our class be like?

Bell Ringer: You will begin each day by completing a Bell Ringer assignment. These are short written responses to writing prompts...sometimes they relate to Social Studies and sometimes to everyday life.

Content Teaching: I will use a variety of teaching strategies including: note taking, multimedia presentations, videos, close, shared, and guided reading, and both problem-based and project-based learning activities.

Collaborative Activity: You will work with your classmates daily to share ideas and opinions about what you have learned as well as to complete learning activities.

Independent Activity: You will complete an independent assignment daily to show your understanding of content,

Wrap-Up: Review the day's lesson, answer questions, complete ticket out or exit slip, and fill out your agenda/calendar.

Keys To Success

Follow classroom and school rules

Always come prepared (notebook, agenda, pencil, paper, etc)

Learn something new everyday

Continue to review vocabulary and class notes throughout the year

Organization is important to your success

Never be afraid to ask for help

Homework, Projects, Late Assignments/Make-up work