Chapter 3 Culture Notes

By: Audrey Nash

Supermarkets vs. Specialty Stores

Many people in France go to small local specialty stores in their neighborhood for fresh, quality foods. They prefer this over going to a large supermarket with lower prices.

French Meals

In France, the meals are very important as a central place to get together. Lunch and dinner are considered to be the heavier meals of the day. For lunch, you can eat meats, potatoes, vegetables, and other things within several courses. For dinner, you can eat eggs (not eaten at breakfast), salads, cheese, and usually fruit for desert. Ice cream and pastries are typically saved for special occassions. The French eat a wide variety of food and have several courses.

Meals as a special occasion

The French usually consider meals to be a time to bring friends and family together. Birthdays are spent with relatives, where they may exchange a few gifts and money. Holidays, such as New Years, is spent with friends. Younger people get something small on their saints day as well.