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Haven't decided how or what to research?

Join the Veylinx thesis team!

Veylinx supports ambitious students that aim to do research that is both academically sound and has clear practical implications for non academic organizations.

Can I use Veylinx?

Veylinx is interesting for bachelor and master students that need to do research (e.g. for their thesis) concerning social psychology, marketing, business and more fields. Feel free to ask us if your research topic could fit. For examples of former research see below.

Academy meets organizations.

At Veylinx we gather solid data through consumer research. This research - originally stemming from the University of Amsterdam - is both scientifically valid as well as interesting for any organization involving consumer products.

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Veylinx has so far found answer to..

Are people willing to pay more for sustainable products?

Which promotion effects does Robin Thicke have for Samsung?

What is the ideal target group for 3D printed products?

What is the brand equity of zwarte piet?

and much more..

How long will it take me to get my research data?

Data gathering takes about one day.

One day? Really?

Yes. Really.
Veylinx is a project of the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam