Math Vertical Team Meeting

Oct 15 2015

Grade Level Concepts

Talk as a grade level. Think of a concept and/or strategy you have taught this quarter or is upcoming, that the students did well with, one they have struggles with, and one thing you implemented in your classroom that you are proud of.

Math Vertical Alignment

Purpose of Vertical Team

  • Reflection on our progress
  • Collaboration
  • Consistency
  • Continuity
Ensuring what and HOW we teach follows a reasonable progression for our

students throughout the grade levels

Dates: Jan. 6; Mar 1; Apr 13; May 18 ~ 4:15 - 5:15 pm ~ Room 401 Ms. Cajayon

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5th Math - Gains from Sept CP to Oct CP *Deepest hole - Rounding Decimals 28% - 72%

5th Science - 74% Passing - District 76% *1st in our cluster

4th Math - Huge gains in students from Sept to Oct CP

Share out from Grade Level Teams

Family Math Night - Monday, Nov 16th 6:00PM to 7:30PM

Teachers arrive by 5:45.

Lunch Bowl Games beginning Friday, Oct 30th

Last 10 min. of lunch period.

Need internet permission info.

Norms for Math Instruction

  • Daily warm-up routine - Today's Number/Fact Fluency/Marcy Cook Tile activities
  • 3 or 4 step on ALL homework & classwork (typically 4 problems beginning in 1st grade)
  • No Arrows in 3 or 4 step
  • Creating and/or reviewing anchor charts daily.
  • Small group purposeful talk= turn & talk
  • Critical writing weekly
  • Timed assessments (displaying timer for students to view)

  • Small group instruction 2-3x weekly with designated area ready for use at all times
  • IMNs go home daily

General Needs/Concerns

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Element of Surprise/ Quick Doodle -- "Square Up" / "Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up"

Materials: Baggies of Color tiles at table & sticky notes

  1. Have students pick a color tile.
  2. Then show a word or problem associated with each color. Each color having its own word, picture, or problem.
  3. Student can quickly doodle about the word, picture, or problem. They can use words, numbers, or pictures.
  4. When they are done writing, they will stand up, put their hand up, and pair up to share.
  5. When done, thank the person for sharing, put their hand up, and pair up to someone else.
  6. The student will discuss what they have learned about this topic with 3 individuals then have a seat.

Strategy Soup

Strategy Soup Challenge

Email me when you plan to try Square Up as a closure or Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up as an engagement activity within the next week, by Fri. Oct. 23rd. When I see you using the strategy, you will be entered into a special drawing.