My Own Boss - Entrepreneurship

By Francis. X. Bedolla


Being an entrepreneur is like being your own boss. You get the opportunity to work a company that you started from the bottom to the top. A big advantage of being an entrepreneur is that you get to divide what you want to advertise or sell. You can own a bar, a restaurant, a company, or a clothing store. The options are endless, but the thing about owning your own business, is putting in the money and the work in order to grow and expand your business.

Career Research

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

- Running their business.

- Paying employed.

- Growing your business.

Education and Training

- Knowledge in business.

Preferred Job Skills

- Problem solving.

- Motivated.

- Hard working.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for an entrepreneur is subjective based upon the industry and demographic your business would serve.

- Landscaping - 45,000

- Hair and beauty salon - 28,966

- Construction - 52,000


The job outlook for an entrepreneur is subjective based upon the industry and demographic your business would serve.

- But in my case, I want to own a restaurant/ bar so my average salary would be about 59, 653

Work Environment

In my line of work there would be lots of delicious smelling food being cooked, or a bunch of drunk guys, or a guy that broke up with his girlfriend.

Richard Branson: Advice for Entrepreneurs

Early Opportunites In High School

Related Courses at Leyden

- Entrepreneurship: Students will have the opportunity to obtain non-paid, on-site career

exploration opportunities. The major objectives are to provide students firsthand understanding of the knowledge, skills, occupation outlook, and education requirements for various careers; and introduce students to positive adult role models who can help reinforce and demonstrate behaviors such as a positive attitude, integrity, ethics, human relations, teamwork, timeliness, and many others.

- Career internship

As part of the career internship program, students may request an early release during period 10. Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing.

Extra-Curricular Activities

- Future business leaders of America: This club prepares students for successful careers in American business by participating in community service events, charity fundraisers, technology and business competitions, as well as state and national leadership conferences.

- Key Club: The Key Club is an international, coeducational service organization for high school students organized by the Franklin Park Kiwanis Club and operating under Leyden school regulations. The Key Club motto, “Caring-Our Way of Life,” attests to the tradition and dedication to active service Key Club has maintained for over a half century.

Work and/or Volunteer Experience

- Part time jobs: Helps to learn the business and make some money

- Internships: Helps to gain experience about business and prepare you for your future job


- Mrs. Carlin: Literacy teacher

- Ms. Marchese: English teacher

- Mrs. Holtgrewe: Global Studies teacher


Related College Majors

Business: This major will be very important in the prosses of becoming a entrepreneur. This is important because it will help out when making business deal with other people when starting your own business.

Training Programs or Certificate Courses


Internship/Apprenticeship Opportunities

One option for me is to work with my aunt or my grandpa. Both my aunt and my grandpa have both owned businesses, well my aunt still dose but my grandpa sold his restaurant. But my aunt will never hesitate to give family an place at her grocery store. My aunt is never shy to give out tips for people that are willing to listen.

Post Secondary Plan

Ever since I was a little munchkin I have always wanted to go to college, but for me I only ever wanted to go to college just so that I can say I went to college for 4 years and got my degree. I never took into consideration what I wanted to studies or even the price of college alone. Considering all that we have learned in digital literacy this year. I have thought of the idea of taking a gap year. I have always wanted to go strait into college after high school but after doing a lot of research I have started to consider taking a year to work and raise money for college.