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Attention-Seeking Students & 21st Century School Counselors

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn."

What Do I Do with an Attention-Seeking Student?

If a student is seeking attention, there are two general principles to follow.

1) Decrease attention for misbehavior.

2) Increase attention for appropriate behavior. (Teachers should affirm students in a 3:1 ratio.)

**You may need to role-play or re-teach appropriate behaviors.

Here are some SIMPLE ways you can show POSITIVE attention to an attention-seeking student...

  • Give the student a note with a cheerful phrase or compliment
  • Give the student a special job that they enjoy.
  • Give the student a high five.
  • Develop a special hand signal with the child that lets them know you acknowledge them but they need to wait.
  • Find 2-3 minutes each day that will be your "special time" with the student. Let the student know that this is their "special time." Give them a one-minute warning when their time is almost up.
  • Show an interest in one of the student's interests, hobbies, or activities outside of school.
  • And don't can do a POSITIVE office referral!

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