The Inca's Mythology

By: Nashrin U.


What and why do they believe in what they believe in?

The Incas believed in many gods because they did not think that nature can act on its own. They made up tales of gods so there was a reason for everything. These gods were said to be very powerful because they had the power to control nature. These gods are very similar to the Greek gods, Egyptian gods and Roman gods. They actually performed Sacrificial Ceremonies for their gods. To worship their gods they built pyramids and all sorts of art. Their art is also very beautiful. That is how much they respect their gods.

Here are some of their gods:)

· The first god was name named Inti and he was the ruler of the sun

· The second god or should I say goddess had the name of Mama Quilla and she was the ruler of the moon

· The third goddess was known as mother Earth or should I say Pachamama

· Supay was the fourth god and he was the king of the underworld and death

· Last but not least, the god who is very similar to ours, he was told to be the one who created humans, the sky, the Earth and all the other gods, Viracocha

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