Night of the Twisters

The most dangerous night of their live...

Made by : Leila Yousse/ Book made by : Ivy Ruckman

For Cindy, Mark, and Ryan, who made it, and for Tia, who didn't


The story takes place in Grand Island, Nebraska. Nebraska's state capitol is Lincoln. There state bird is the Western meadow Lark. Nebraska is bordered by Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, Wyoming, Missouri, and Iowa.

Problem and Solution

Problem #1: Dan lost his family in a tornado. Solution #1: The dad found all of them after the main tornado.

Problem #2: Dan house got torn up. Solution #2: His family went to live on the farm.


First that happened was that the main tornado hit there area. Second that happened was Dan, Ryan, and Arthur got trapped in the house. Third that happened was Stacy had to save them. Forth that happened was they all went to Smiley's house and found Dan's mom. Fifth that happened was they went to the bus stop and mom and Ryan got on and the kid went to get Smiley. Sixth that happened was they saved Smiley and Smiley went to Kmart. Seventh that happened was they went to a police station. Eighth that happened was they went to a armory and saw Stacy's and Arthur's dad. Ninth that happened was Dan went to Kmart, but it was flooded. Last that happened was Dan found his Family and went to live on the farm.