Hawks Summer Reading 2021

Maple Hill Elementary

Avoid the Summer Slide!

The Summer Slide is the academic loss children experience when they are away from school for an extended period of time over summer vacation. Children who do not read over the summer can lose up to 3 months reading progress and that loss has a cumulative long term effect. It is critical that all children participate in some form of reading over the summer to avoid this loss of reading progress. This newsletter features reading programs that you and your child can participate in over the summer to avoid the SLIDE!

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Three Ways to Fulfill Your Summer Reading!

1. Dog Man Reading BINGO cards

2. Dog Man Summer Reading Task Cards

3. Dog Man Summer Reading List Log

You get the choice! Choose one of these options and return it to Mrs. Nava, the school librarian, by August 20th, 2021, for a chance at prizes! See below to learn more about each choice.

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1. Dog Man BINGO Cards

These BINGO cards are a fun way to spend your summer reading. There are multiple cards, so read each card carefully and choose the card that you want to use!! Then start reading. When you complete 4 boxes in a row, collum, or diagonal you have earned a BINGO. It's that easy. Just open the link below and print a copy of the BINGO card of your choice. If you are unable to print a copy you can take a blank paper and recreate the card on your own too! Each time you fill in 4 spaces you earn one chance to get a prize! You can even fill out the entire card, to earn 4 chances to win. When you are done make sure to have your parents fill out the information on slide 5 with their initials and return both sheets to Mrs. Nava when we return to school.

P.S. If you want to earn more chances for prizes you can fill out multiple BINGO cards!

2. Dog Man Summer Reading Task Cards

If you would like to give yourself more of a challenge this summer this one is for you! The Dog Man Summer Reading Task Cards are in the link below. Each card has a specific genre or reading task to complete. Each task card you complete earns you another chance at earning a prize!! You can print the slides or make a copy onto your own paper. Don't forget to have your parent initial the information on slide 9 and turn everything in to Mrs. Nava when we return to school. The more cards you have filled the more chances to win a prize!

3. Dog Man Summer Reading List / Log

Are you looking for ideas on great books to read over the summer? If so, this activity is for you. Below you will find a list of books at your grade level. Find the grade level you just finished and read at least 5 books on that list to earn a chance at a prize. Every 5 books you read will earn you a chance to win!! If you want a challenge try and read books from the grade level list above yours!! Once you have read a book have your parents write their initials next to the title of the book. You can print out the list or just write down the books that you read, have your parents sign then turn it into Mrs. Nava when we return to school.

See below for information on other reading programs this Summer!

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Spring & Summer Discovery Program at the Diamond Bar Library

1. Register for LA County Library’s Spring & Summer Discovery Program.

2. Choose your age group.

3. Log books you’ve read and activities you’ve completed. To complete each month’s challenge, read 1 book and complete 3 activities. You can also read books in place of the activities. Completing each challenge enters you into our monthly prize drawing.

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