CE Sneak Peek 11.7.2016

Weekly Focus Newsletter

Classroom Instruction that Works - Expectations and Providing Feedback

These week is round two of our district snapshots. Our students have had a taste of what these assessments are like. Remember that setting expectations, even for assessments, can assist in clearly identifying the intended learning and criteria for success. The blog from Teach.Learn. Grow (2016), "students must understand what they are expected to learn or perform, so that they can take responsibility for their learning".

Here are some ways to continue expectations for assessments:

  • Monitor your students while they are taking their assessments. This lets them know that you are monitoring them and it allows them to elevate to put forth their best effort.
  • It is an expectation that students "track their thinking" and use their strategies and show their work.
  • 3rd-5th grade: students can track their thinking during the assessment using the following document during the assessment to identify what they thought they had correct and what they had trouble with. Following the assessment, students can compare and see how they performed and share why. http://lead4ward.com/docs/instructional_strategies/3_2_1_test_review.docx\

Our next focus in the Classroom Instruction that Works, is providing feedback. By providing students with feedback that is corrective, timely, and focused on criteria, and by involving them in the feedback process, teachers can create a classroom environment that fosters and supports learning. The classroom practices featured in this chapter emphasize that the goal of providing feedback is to give students information about their performance relative to a particular learning objective so they can improve their performance and understand themselves better as learners.

Here are four recommendations for classroom practice with regard to providing feedback from Classroom Instruction that Works:

  • Provide feedback that addresses what is correct and elaborates on what students need to do next.
  • Provide feedback appropriately in time to meet students' needs.
  • Engage students in the feedback process.

We'll dig deeper this week in PLC. We're roughly two weeks out before Thanksgiving Break. Take time to reflect on what you are thankful for and spread a little thankfulness around to others. I am thankful for each of you- for working hard, putting students first, and staying the course as we learn together. Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Young

Weekly CE Student Attendance Rate - 97.21%

Kudos to 5th grade for having 100% attendance on 10/25/2016.

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PLC This Week

Planning with stimulus and evidence of learning in mind (expectations and feedback)

  • Items to bring to PLC: PLC data binder; student data forms; Lesson plans for current unit, Lead4ward documents (snapshot, vocabulary builder), Lead4ward app on device

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