Superintendent's Corner

Bernard F. Bragen. Jr. (November 2021)

Start of Second Marking

To paraphrase Robert Frost, as way leads on to way, we find ourselves transitioning from the first to second marking period already. It is amazing how rapidly time seems to fly by. I am happy to report that the incidence of COVID-19 cases in our school has remained low and continues to decline, having minimal impact on our educational programming. Our students are still getting acclimated to actually being in school for full school days and are now embedded in the rigor of end-of-marking period activities. Outside athletic activities are also beginning to transition to indoors as the winter sports season approaches.

It is also hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but the chill in the air each morning is a reminder that we are now into mid-November. In recent days much has been said about the actual origins of our uniquely American holiday of Thanksgiving, but irrespective of its origins, this holiday has evolved into a time to celebrate family and give thanks for all of our blessings. I can think of no greater reason to pause from the daily grind and take time to enjoy all that we have. It is my earnest hope that all of you are able to spend some quality time with family over the holiday as you enjoy a thankful meal, or two!

As always, continue to Shine Bright Edison!

Lincoln School Addition Updates

We are happy to report that the Lincoln School addition is on track for the classrooms to be ready to welcome students and staff in September of 2022. There may be some delays with the gym/stage areas due to issues regarding the procurement of steel, but this will not impact the bulk of the addition and the September opening. For up-to-date images of this ongoing project please click this link for live images of the construction site.