By: Jeremy flies

Oat Uses

1.Food uses

  • Most oats are used in food
  • Rolled and crushed into oatmeal
  • Ground into fine flour
  • Can be made into baked goods-cakes, cookies, breads, or can be eaten raw like in granola, and cereals
  • Oats are also used in drinks like beer or Oatmeal caudal
2. Animal uses

  • used in animal feed
  • used whole or ground and used in feed or pellets
  • stalks baled and used in bedding because it's adsorbent


  1. Disk the field
  2. Use a drill and drill the oats in
  3. Use a seeder and spread the seed over
  4. Disk lightly or harrow over the seed


  • Should be sowed at 6 mm deep
  • Soybeans are legumes
  • Should be sowed in early spring as early as possible
  • Can get different varieties to plant in fall
  • 25-30cm 45-cm depending of the variety
  • Planted in soil that gets lots of sunlight
  • PH of 6-7.5
  • Takes 45 days till harvest
  • Oats share many pest with the soybean
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  1. For Highest yield wait till the kernels have reached 35% moisture, or when the kernels just turned cream color then cut the plants 4 inches above the ground, windrow, dry for a couple of days then combing using a pick up header and then bale the trash.
  2. Wait till the oats are completely dry then combine with a grain head the to of the plant. then come back and mow and bale the chafe (you'll have more crop loss from the grain falling)
  3. They use to cut the oats by hand and then bundle them together to dry in the sun