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Updates on School Closing & Remote Learning as of 5-22-20

Updates on Remote Learning at Marian

Exams and Grading

Thanks to all of our teachers... we have completed our end of year grade meetings!

It looks like we have just a few outstanding grades due to incompletes.

For those who still have students with incompletes, please put a hard deadline of next Friday, May 29, after which the students' grade will stand based on the current semester grade, or March override (whichever one is better). Once you have determined the grade, please update in the grade book and then send Ms. Novy an email for the update!

If by the time you get the work and want to update the grade, you have been locked out of the gradebook (meaning that the portal is again open to students and parents) then you need to email a completed grade change form found in the Exam and Grading Procedures Guide to Ms. Novy and I will make the changes.
** Don't forget to resubmit if you make any changes!


On a general note, I just want to thank all of our teachers who worked so hard to make the end of the year a success for our students. I believe that about 75% of the students maintained or improved their grades from the start of Remote Learning. That is a loud and proud testament to all of the hard work you put in teaching, mentoring, and guiding our students through what otherwise could have been so much more of a difficult time for them...


Student Final Returns & Pickups and Teacher Classroom Cleanup

Student Returns/Pickups

A big thanks to the following people who, without them, we could not have managed all of the students coming in and out of the building all week as they returned devices and cleaned out their lockers!

Tom Kruse & Laurie DiSilvio (Master gatekeepers!)

Glenn Pinnau (Keeper of the tree!)

Erin Widmayer (Purveyor of Art)

Kris Johnson (Hallway police & Device transport)

Julie Houk & Karen Varga (Device Collectors extraordinaire)

Jeremy Toledo & Christi DeWispelaere (Fine Arts Management)

Bob Glascott and John Tropp (Maintenance Masters)

Teacher Classroom Cleanup and Check out

May 27 - 30:

May 26-29 we will be having our individualized graduation "ceremonies" so you are only able to come clean out your room from 7 am to 12 pm.

May 30 you are able to come from 7am to 7 pm.

**Remember that anytime you are in the building, please keep a responsible distance between others, and please, no large group gatherings are allowed.

Teacher Final Check Out

Go ahead and clean your rooms, organize your resources, and fill out the attached form in preparation for your final end of year check out.

On Monday, June 1 and Tuesday, June 2 please bring that form with you to each of the individuals noted for a signature before handing the form in to Mrs. DiSilvio. Please use the attached sign out form to arrange for your appointment on either of those two days in order to keep appropriate social distancing.

What Could the Classes look like Next Fall?

As you re cleaning out your rooms, consider what your classroom could look like if we had to start the next school year with student desks 6 feet apart (in all directions). Mr. Shukis would like you to give him a rough estimate as to how many students you would be able to fit in your room at any one time given social distancing rules. If you need to remove any furniture that you decide you do not need in the classroom in order to allow for more student desks, please feel free to put a work order in on the Marian website to have it removed.

Class of 2020 Graduation Plans

As you may already know, Marian is offering senior families the opportunity for individualized graduation, to be videoed at Marian May 26, 27, & 28, and then put together with the rest of the students, along with speeches, recognitions, and other such graduation highlights. Once recorded, a video company that we have hired will be putting all of the parts together to one, cohesive keepsake video for our graduates and their families.

I have attached the basic layout of the "Virtual Graduation Ceremony" that we will be using as we format this video so that you are aware.


While this year’s graduation is certainly unique, we’d still love our faculty to be a part of the video! Send a vertical photo of you in your cap and gown to Kaitlin Bordeaux by May 26. You are welcome to hold a sign with a message to seniors if you’d like. Thank you!

Mandated Reporter ~ IMPORTANT

First, if you have not yet completed your Mandated Reporter training through DCFS... it is required, so please complete immediately!

The DCFS Mandated Reporter Training is available at:!loginPage.action?request_locale=en.

(You will need to create an account)

You were supposed to complete this before April 1, after which you will not need to do this again until the 2022-23 school year! Once you complete the training, please provide Ms. DiSilvio (you can forward via email) with a copy of both the Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status and the certificate of completion for our records.

Stay in Touch with your Department Heads & Administration

During Remote Learning, please check emails often for continual updates or important information.