By Hana B

What is Technology?

Technology is a group of techniques, skills and methods used in the production of good and services. Technology can be the knowledge of machines, devices, computers and factories. It can be used by the person without any knowledge of the topic.
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Early Tech

The term technology has changed over the last 200 years. It started millions years ago when hominids began using stone tools. The use of the technology has evolved in the early years into metal tools and clothing, also transport and energy.
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Different uses of Technology

Technology has been used in many different ways, for example, communication, work, building and entertaining. People all around the world use these different methods of communication like texting, phone calls, video calls, social networks, email etc. Also, people use tech for work such as a computer programming and movie editing. This technology helps people all around the world work, communicate and entertain.

Future Technology

Technology is growing as we speak and the technology that people are making are things people wouldn't have imagined. To name a few,the apple watch, google glasses, paywave and Ipad Pro. These wonderful pieces of technology help people everyday. Also, technology exists in many other forms as well.

Biggest technology brands worldwide

There are many technology brands in the world that have the best reputation. The top 4 this year are Apple, Microsoft, Google and Samsung. These brands are very popular worldwide, as they sell many of there products in stores. People buy these products to communicate, help and entertain themselves around the world.

Why is technology important?

Technology is important in our everyday life because we need it to help us in many ways. Technology is important because the communication is way easier than before. People can video call, phone call, text or email to there friends and family around the world. Also teachers use the technology to educate students and help them learn new skills.

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety is the safe use of information and communication technology. It's all about keeping your information secure online and also being responsible with your own information. Knowing about cyber safety is very important so that we know how to keep our information safe online.

Here are some tips for cyber safety:

. Never give away your full name, password, username, address or phone number.

. Dont talk to anyone online unless you know them or have parents permission.

. Choose sensible username and email addresses.

. Make your password secure.

. Treat others online the way you would like to be treated.