Angel Z, Gage E and Christopher S

Where is coal found

You can basically find coal under the layers of rock and at the bottem you can see how coal is formed.

The proses of how coal is made

Coal is the remain of old vegetation and old bones and it makes coal and it a fossil fuel. Fossil fuel means that it is made out of bones and it can be used a fuel. Just like you can use coal to make a fire and cook on a grill.

Fun fact. Coal is often buried beneath hundreds of feet of rock and has to be mined to extract it from Earth


Coal is a nonrenewable resource and it takes millions of years to make coal so it is a nonrenewable resource.


This is a tool that mines coal and it is one of the things that mines coal.

Places that have a lot of coal. Texas, Kentucky, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, West Virginia.

Why we need coal

We use coal to cook on a grill and some trains use coal to make the train go.

This is cargo of coal.

Picture of coal and coal miners.