Susan B. Anthony

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Biographical Information

BORN: February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts.

(Susan B. Anthony was the oldest of the eight children to a local cotton mill owner and his wife.)

RAISED: Susan B. Anthony was raised in a Quaker family with long activist traditions before becoming a leading figure in the abolitionist and women's rights movement.

Description of the movement

  • In 1851, Anthony attended an anti-slavery conference , where she met Elizabeth Stanton.
  • Anthony and Stanton established the Women's New York State Temperance Society in 1852.
  • In 1869, Anthony and Stanton founded the National Women's Suffrage Association.
  • Anthony was tireless in her efforts, giving speeches around the country to convince others to support a woman's right to vote.
  • Susan B. Anthony became focused on women's suffrage.

Why did Susan B. Anthony get involved in the movement?

  • After the Civil War, discouraged that those working for the "Negro" Suffrage were willing to continue to exclude women from voting rights, Susan B. Anthony decided to fight for women's rights.
  • In 1866 Anthony and Stanton published a newspaper The Revolution in Rochester, with the title " Men their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less," and the aim of establishing "justice for all".

How was Susan B. Anthony involved in the movement?

  1. Susan B. Anthony introduced the women's suffrage and the right to vote to the United States.
  2. Anthony worked very hard women's right to vote,
( women's suffrage).
  1. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton started the National Women's Suffrage Association. They worked very hard at the Association for 51 years.
  2. Shortly after Anthony's death, the nineteenth amendment, also known as the Anthony Amendment, gave women in the U.S. the right to vote everywhere. She also fought for anti-slavery and to prohibit alcohol.
  • She organized the Women's State Temperance Society of New York.
  • Her speeches empowered and inspired women to protest for their rights.
  • Her work in the Civil War pushed her to do more to achieve women's right to vote.
  • Her anti-slavery movements gave women the rights they deserve.
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