Consumer Education 9th Period


This is the study of plants. It is very important to maintain health, population and environmental changes in plant life because they start the food chain. It is a Botanist's job to make sure to study plant life and make sure things are alright, but also to use them in tests for curing illness, and observing their role in the animal kingdom so that things stay in a nice clean flowing cycle.

What it's all about

Working(Hours/Schedule, Location, Pay)

There are many jobs in working with plants. They range from Research Technicians which get $33,000, to Distinguished Researchers and Research vice presidents/directors who get $126,000 to $142,000. This science is also good for finding plants for medicines and being in pretty much any field. Colleges to Federal agencies are employers of this type of science.

Educational Standards/ Schools

If you want a Bachelors Degree in Botany it is about 4 years, additional 2 years for master, and finally 4 more for a doctorate. Here is a list of Colleges that offer a program in Botany.

Skills Needed

Well, since this is a science, you should probably be good in this area, as well as math. A wanting to learn about plants, not everyone thinks about plants much. You do need an education and people skills since you work with a lot of other people.

Job Outlook/ Growth and Advancement Opportunities

As a Botanist it is best to get a doctoral degree and on average people in this area of expertise make around $62,207. The chances of getting a job with this is fairly good since it is such a broad field. As far as advancing in this, it is pretty much the job you get is what you stay with because botanists may study hundreds of plants, but most take one area to be specialized in.