The Boston Massacre

It was the event that started the American Revolution

Why did the Massacre happen?

The massacre happened because of uprising taxes in Boston which made the people angry so they began to riot and mess with the British troops by spitting and throwing snowballs at them.

Who was all involved in the massacre?

Well it was all of the 4,000 troops there and 20,000 residents in Boston at the time it happened but the people that died and the troops that killed them were only two British soldiers who were put under the death sentence but got out of it because they knew how to read. The civilians that died were Crispus Attucks who was a black slave, Samuel Gray, Patrick Carr, Samuel Maverick and James Caldwell.

When did the Boston Massacre happen?

It all happened on the evening of March 7, 1770.

Where did the massacre happen?

The incident happened right in front of the Customs House on Kings Street in Boston.

What was Boston Massacre?

It was the shooting by British soldiers into a group of harmless civilians.

How did the Boston Massacre happen?

It all happened because of the up rise in taxes and the civilians circling the troops yelling at them to fire. They were also spitting and throwing things at them.

Other facts about the Massacre.

-The British officer in charge Cpt. Thomas Preston was arrested for manslaughter

-The Boston Massacre sparked the American revolution

-The day before the massacre there had been a clash between Bostonian's and British troops at Gray's Rope-walk.

-Just before the shooting began at the Boston Massacre, a British soldier struck a young boy with his rifle's butt for insulting a British officer.

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