Mrs. Walker's 5th Grade RELA/SS

Week of 9/10


Students will continue to study plot, the events of the story from the initiating event, through the rising action to the falling action and conclusion of the story. The plot is what happens in the story. The theme of the story is not listed by the author. A theme about hope, for example, will not be stated as following: ”this story is about hope against all odds…” Themes must be inferred. They are the underlying ideas, issues and lessons that give the story depth and meaning. The themes are the bigger ideas. We feel the theme in our gut when we respond with different emotions to the story. Readers use the same reading equation to infer theme as they do to infer word meaning or answers to their questions. Students will learn the terminology of an antagonist, protagonist, and sidekick

Writing/ Grammar

Students will continue to further develop and revise their personal narrative drafts in this unit. The best writers revise their work many times before they are satisfied. The authors of our favorite books likely went through many, many drafts before they considered their work suitable for publication. Students must understand that revision is not the same as editing. Editing involves correcting things that are wrong, such as errors in punctuation or spelling. Revision is about looking at your writing again, and making changes to strengthen the quality of your work. Remind students that the purpose of revising is not to correct something that is “wrong,” but to strengthen a piece of writing that is already good, but could be even better.

Spelling Test Friday 9/14

Spelling is a part of our Daily 5 routine. Students should also practice their words at home every evening.


Continue to study Spelling words and fill out Reading Logs. Students should read at least 30 minutes nightly.

State Test

Social Studies

This week is Freedom Week!!

Students will also continue to study regions and continents.

Task of the Day

Once whole group instruction has been completed.

Students have choice between 5 Tasks for the day.

1. Read to Self 2. Work on Social Studies 3. Work on Writing 4. Word Work 5. Work with a buddy.

Field Trip

Students are attending the Wetlands either Tuesday, 9/11 or Thursday, 9/13.