BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

Sunshine Elementary's Newest Way To Help Your Child Learn


Hello Parents!

This year at Sunshine Middle School, we are incorporating mobile learning into your child's everyday 6th grade- 8th grade classroom, by allowing students to Bring Your Own Device to school. Although it may sound like a radical idea, much research has shown that students using a personal technology device in the classroom, allows them to gain an understanding of subject matter that they ordinarily may not, in a way that your child's unique needs and interests can be met.

Every student will be offered the opportunity to bring their own technology to the classroom, whether that be a smart phone, iPad, tablet, or laptop, and will be able to use the device with strict supervision and rules, preventing students from staying off task.

Students will use their devices according to teacher direction, where they might research a particular topic, use an app to create a project, play a educational game for practice, but ultimately to take control of their own learning in a way that is interesting to such a technology- interested generation.

Benefits of B.Y.O.D. for YOUR child according to SecurEdge Networks

1.) Students are already familiar and comfortable using their own technology so they can focus on actually learning with them than learning how to use the device.

2.) Students’ personal mobile devices tend to be more cutting-edge, so schools can more easily stay up-to-date with technology..

3.) Students are more likely to have remembered their beloved mobile devices than textbooks or notes.

4.) It’s a cost-effective way to save schools money on technology.

5.) With BYOD students are more likely to continue learning outside of schools hours.

6.) When students use their own devices, they take care of their own ‘training.’

7.) BYOD provides opportunity for teaching respectful/appropriate use, which will be important in properly preparing them for the future.

8.) Students will be more organized with all their notes and assignments all in one place.

9.) Gives the students limitless access to information and resources.

10.) BYOD allows student & teacher to swap roles.

11.) Teachers can use certain apps to be more connected with students and parents than ever before.

12.) Students love technology so BYOD engages students and creates enthusiasm and excitement about learning.

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