Even the birds know...Game ON!!!


How will we kick this season off with gusto? Mark your calendars!

We have a very exciting treat in line EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR TEAM on Tuesday! Mike Lohner is zeroing in on our Team and believes BIG and SMALL accomplishments of all kinds can happen for all of US! Tune in to hear this VERY SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY!

Are you a New Stylist or would you like to brush up on your NS Training?

Please join Platinum Director and our Queen Bee of the Crown Jewels Team Lindsay Walsh as she covers the High Value Activities new stylists can do to build the biggest momentum in their businesses:

US NEW STYLIST TRAINING: Sunday, November 3rd ~ 8pm ET / 5pm PT


Introducing the 1st Impressions HIGH FIVE Award!!

Because so many of you love to front-load your month with early trunk shows and sales to come from a place of abundance, I'm excited to announce our 1st Impressions HIGH FIVE Award: Each month, the first 5 people to sell $500 by the 5th of the month will receive a $5 Starbuck's Gift Card!

So why not start out each month with a bang? Booking shows in the first week of the month is an excellent practice for a simple, consistent business. Why? Early shows bring you:
  • More trunk shows later in the month
  • More customers to market your business to
  • Closer or over the threshold for qualifying early in the month to increase your FREE Business Supply Credits
  • Closer to earning your 30% commission!

I'm so proud to say we already have winners when I look at my Nov. 2 morning report!

  • Melissa Spiers
  • Michelle Whitney
  • Laura Boland
  • Katie Dreher
  • Cyndie Femino

Clearly people WANT and NEED to shop -- so CONGRATULATIONS to the winners as you're getting them early and helping them solve their shopping dilemas! Well-done! Starbuck's treats are coming!

Keep your blue card money for YOU!

Have you explored the amazing Wrap Up The Season Rewards to learn how YOU can reap massive amounts of FREE PRODUCT CREDIT in Q4???

This is HUGE people! The Home Office is willing to pay for your spring line samples! Why not book as many shows as you can this month and next to stack on those credits and keep your commissions for yourself?!

Get the full lowdown here: https://wrap-up-the-season.squarespace.com/

Let's Make Your Plan to Succeed!

Join your S&D Community at your local Meet Up starting this week for a fun, casual hour where we'll celebrate the start of the holiday season and share 5 ways to maximize sales at your Trunk Shows this holidays season! What's your reason for being a Stylist this season? We'd love to hear -- be ready to share! (Bring a pic or symbol of your goal if you'd like! We'd love to see!

Click here to find the one closest to you:
US: http://stylewatch.stelladot.com/events/
UK: http://stylewatch.stelladot.co.uk/events_uk/
France: http://www.stelladot.fr/lastylist/evenements

Boston Area Stylists: Please join us this coming Monday Night at Milestone in Wellesley! https://bostonnovember2013openmeeting.eventbrite.com/


A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all our teammates who busted a move, held their shows, coached their stylists and worked together to promote! Your focused diligence paid off. Sky's the limit for you this season!!!!

She flew back home to France and promoted to STAR!!!! What an inspiration you are Marie-Mathilde Delahaye du Courtieux!

Heather Dodge from NH to Senior Stylist!

and Jo Markwick from Scotland to Senior Stylist!

And to our fabulous stylists across the globe who promoted to LEAD STYLIST! Way to GO!!!!

Andrea Hansen, TX
Erin Reichert, IL
Andrea Frost, NH
Anne de Charette de la Contrie, FRANCE
Laura Boland, Scotland
Ennika Jeannis, MA

What a fabulous way to start the season! CHEERS!!!!!

And # 5 in Top Sales Company-wide once again goes to our ROCK STAR JULIE LUTZ!

Can you believe in October alone she sold $15,405?!

And her upline Director Sarah Pearsall was biting at her heels at # 11 with $12,691!

Star Heather Stephens held #14 with $12,069

Star Aree Wichman with $9,857 and Director Ginger Pingree with $7,410 rounded out our Team's Top 5!

No doubt these leaders truly embody how to lead by example. Love watching you all soar!

Enjoy your weekend!

xo's, Carrie