***Stellar Chicks***

January 2014 Newsletter

New Year! New You! New Business!

It is officially Spring in world Thirty-One! We had a great month in January!!! A lot of women have been sharing their goals with me about how they will fire up their businesses in 2014!!! I can not wait to see what you all have in store!

Stellar Chicks Stats: January 2014

Sales: $7649.50

Parties: 17

Recruits: 0

Top Sales:

Kaitlin Arnold: $2,060.00

Crystal Oaks: $2,055.00

Jessica Caswell: $630.50

Jessie Anderson: $620.50

Katie Gross: $572.50

*My sales: $1,238.50

Congratulations to Jessie and Crystal on earning Startswell kits! Also, to Crystal and Kaitlin who qualified!!! So proud of you ladies for starting off your businesses ROCKIN'!

NOTICE: The event "Bond and Business" for our team that was to be held at my house on March 1, will NOW be Saturday March 8th!!! I am booked on the 1st. Sorry for the mix up ladies! The event is a LAID BACK dinner! Wear your jammies and bring your business bag! We'll chat about food later!


*From Home Office!

*Focus on RELATIONSHIPS!!! Follow-Up with your customers, with your hostesses! Follow-Up with ALL of your leads! People want to hear from you...and make sure you communicate with them in a way that is comfortable and convenient for them. THIS WILL GENERATE MORE BOOKINGS AND RECRUITS!

*The 2014 Conference theme is "dream it. be it." Registration for consultants and senior consultants will start March 5th. At the time of registration, you will be able to register for all of your classes and for your hotel!!! You can only reserve ONE hotel room ladies! Something different this year...YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PURCHASE THE CONFERENCE KIT. You MUST earn the conference bucks level that awards you the kit!!! More amenities will be sent to our homes this year to keep our packing down for the way home.

*BOOKING: To generate bookings...GET ON THE DANG PHONE!!! People still like to be talked to personally...and individually! Do pink bag calls, customer care calls, and use your email report!!! Make sure ALL of your transactions are a relationship, NOT just an exchange of product for money!!!

*Don't forget to PUSH, PUSH, PUSH that Opportunity Incentive!!! This is a GREAT time to start your Thirty-One Business!!!

Celebrate & Connect/Summer Premier!!!

Saturday, April 5th, 11am


You can register for C&C Feb. 26-Mar.13. This will be my FIRST C&C hosting alone!!! EEEEK!