Willemstad Times

By:Santiago Escalante

A boy named Phillip was found on an cay blind and alone

Sailors around the devils mouth saw the black smoke from the cay where Phillip was stranded. When they found he was naked and blind. The sailors didn't belive it because he was the S.S.hato and it sunk 5 months ago. Below we asked Phillip some question.

Interview with Phillip

WT:How did you end up on the cay?

Phillip:I was on the S.S. Hato and on April , 1942 we were torpedoed and i ended up on a raft with a man named Timothy

WT:When did you make it to the cay?

Phillip:On a early morning I heard Timothy shout "I see an island"

WT: How did you survive for 5 1/2 month's?

Phillip: Timothy went to go fish langosta and lobster for us to eat.

WT:How did you get around the cay?

Phillip: Timothy and me made a rope so then I can go from the camp to the beach.

WT:How did you make it though the hurricane?

Phillip:Timothy tied me to a palm tree and he put Stew cat up into the leaves of the palm tree and then Timothy wrapped his hand around the rope.

WT:How did it fell like to be on the island alone

Phillip:I had to do everything on my own and it was really difficult because I couldn't see.

WT:Where was the Cay?

Phillip:Some where in the Devils Mouth.

WT:how did you get blind?

Phillip:One day i looked up into the sky and started to look at the sun. Then i fell asleep and when I woke up I could't see a thing.

WT:What did you think of Timothy?

Phillip:First I tought he was keeping everything for himself but one day on the island I finally realize that he was helping me.

WT:Did you want to leave Willimstad?

Phillip:No, but I was forced to leave Williamstad with my mother but if it wasn't for that then I would of never met Timothy.


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Timothy obituary (Age Unknown)

Timothy died after a hurrican hit tring to help Phillip from the hurrican. Timothy was a kind-hearted west indian who cared about other people.He risks his life to save other peoples life. For Phillip when he fell in the water with sharks around he went to save him from the sharks.


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News on WW2

August 7,1942

The Battle of Guadalcanal happend which was the first American ofensive operation during WWII, it happened in South Pacific in the island of Guadalcanal