Exploration & Scientific Discovery

By Emilee

How did the Scientific Revolution Influence Sea Voyages?

It was a time that started in the 15th century when people got new ideas about science and changed traditional ideas to more of a conventional way. This caused people to change the way they thought about their world. The Scientific Method was formed that time and it is still used today.

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What did Ferdinand Magellan do for the Age of Exploration?

He was the leader of the first voyage to circumnavigate the globe, and the first to cross the Pacific Ocean. He betrayed his own country and influenced people to explore the world. He made a huge impact by changing Europe's understanding of geography.

What was the impact of the Age of Exploration?

People explored seas more, they had more knowledge about geography, navigation, and the technology of science. Important things in our everyday lives like internet, understanding of natural things in the world, and many other things would not exist without the Age of Exploration.

How did the technology of this time period affect the world?

It made it easier for people to do sea travel and learn science. This has also caused the digital age.

How has all of this influenced the way we live today?

This has influenced the way we live today because of our understanding of geography, the things we have, and the understanding of science.