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5th Grade Weekly


Welcome back to this weeks newsletter. We are so glad you are reading them and finding out what is coming up for your hardworking 5th grade students!
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Reading, Writing, and Social Studies

This week in reading and writing, we will continue to work on learning about informational, expository, nonfiction texts. Students will be working on identifying text features and structures.

This week in social studies, students will begin learning about Westward Expansion. We will be discussing the Louisiana Purchase, Trail of Tears, and Pioneers.


This week in math we are adding and subtracting mixed numbers.

There will be math homework every night. Please check over their homework nightly. The homework is a spiral review of all the concepts that have been previously taught so far this year.

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In science we are learning about the sun, Earth, and moon. Students should be drawing the moon in their calendar. The completed calendar is due February 16th, 2016.
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Thank you for helping!

Please continue to check student planners and sign them each night. We will communicate with notes, homework assignments, and learning tasks through this planner. This is a great way for you to communicate with us, too.

Please practice reading and math facts each night with you students when they do not have other assigned homework.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!
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