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Thank you for taking your time to meet with me to discuss your mid-year progress. I enjoyed talking with each of you and getting a better understanding for how you feel your year is going and gaining insight on what you need to continue to be successful.

I would like to thank you for ALL you do every-day.

Some things I would like to make a priority when we get some "Schalm" time at a staff meeting:

  • Committee meetings/updates (Green School-new recycling project, PBIS-went to a few conferences and can begin to plan to update our current program for the upcoming year, Social Committe-baby shower/lounge, School Improvement-we are currently working on it; our vision)

  • I would also like to take time together to share out some ideas on your current professional growth goals-many teachers have similar goals and I think it would be beneficial to share out what is working for you in hopes that we can expand our thinking, gain more ideas and/or try new things.

  • Another topic I would like to discuss is Teacher of the Year: I believe if we take time to look at the positive components of this program; that we will be a group of people who encourage one another and continue to lift each other up, when many things around us in the education community are trying to bring us down.

I truly believe that EACH person in our building has their own special gifts and talents and can relate to a unique group of students. I also believe our differences are our strengths as a whole.

Some interesting articles-ideas

Here are some things I came across that I found you might enjoy!

Choice board looked great for "when I'm done" type actives or for station activities.

The math page was recommended by Erin Klein-popular tech guru :)

Recess link was shared by Terri!! It makes sense 3 15 min. recess times?? Can you fit more in that way?

Upcoming Events

February 5: Winter book fair begins

February 11: Pancake Dinner; volunteer to work or bring your family to dinner that evening


February 25: PTO meeting-College Planning event hosted at our school