Internet Gaming Disorder

By Griffin Beitel

What is it?

Internet Gaming disorder is by definition when "The “gamers” play

compulsively, to the exclusion of other interests, and their persistent and recurrent

online activity results in clinically significant impairment or distress." DSM-5. Basically it is an obsession with gaming. The reason it has only recently come up is because of how available technology has become to the general public of different standards of living. Think about it what are you reading this on? A decade ago this may have been an article in a school newspaper or something like that. "DSM-5"

The Effected

Now as I said before research is up and coming so specific, accurate numbers and percentages have yet to be released. Regardless it has been figured that most victims of this disorder tend to be young males between the ages of 15-21. Also as you may have heard a large concentration seems to occur in Asian countries such as south Korea.



There are many different causes especially considering the fact that it has broadened to not just video game but, also online gambling. Somethings that causes obsessive gaming can be overusing the game as a stress reliever, lack of social skills, social ridicule, or even a way to live out fantasies that normally wouldn't be possible for that person. (EX. Giant, muscular guy that goes out of their way to help others and always gets the girl.) Figuring this out though normally brings to addict closer to finding a way to treat their case of obsession.


  1. Symptoms (actions)
  • withdrawal symptoms while not playing (similar to cold turkeying drugs)
  • Increasingly excessive amount of time spent playing video games
  • Has tried to stop or reduce amount of play, ends in failure
  • loss of interest in daily affairs or hobbies (Real life activity)
  • The continue of play even after knowledge that someone is being effected by these actions.
  • The person feels guilty about the time spent online and tends to lie to other about their usage.
  • Person uses internet gaming as a way to relieve stress. Used as an escape
  • Has lost or risked a relationship with amount of play
  • Losing concept of time while online
2. Physical symptoms

  • Problems sleeping
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Dry eyes
  • Aches and pains in back, neck ; Severe headaches
  • Weight gain or loss (from either lack of eating or lack of exercise)


Since there are many reasons for this it is hard to actually pin point sure fire ways to "curing" the addiction. The biggest step to figuring out what to do is to figure out why you play internet games. If you do it because you lack social skills then you have to work at your social strength so you don't turn to the internet to talk to people. If you do it as a stress reliever then you need to figure out other ways to relieve stress this gives you other options so you don't spend an unhealthy amount of time playing. If gaming reminds you of old problems then you might need to receive group therapy just like a drug user might. You might be using the internet as a legal substitute to drug use or other things you may have used for pleasure in the past.


An 18 year old collapsed in a cafe in an internet cafe on july 13. It was reported that he was playing Diablo 3 a video game made by Blizzard. He had been sitting there for 40 hours without eating. This caused him to become weak and spending a prolonged time in a sitting position caused cardiovascular problems. He was taken to the hospital after he collapsed and then shortly after arriving was reported dead.



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