The CureTalk Weekly Round Up

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Hello readers,

Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have quite a potpourri for you this week, with a cardiologist interview, brain tumor research, nanotechnology related information, and plenty of Thanksgiving tips.

Cure Interview

We reached out to Dr. Satish C. Govind, Cardiologist, Narayana Hrudayalaya, and asked him about heart health. Read his interview to know all about ECHO and non-invasive cardiology.

Cure Talk buzzz...

Gary Petersen has added a listing of Multiple Myeloma specialists. Click here.
Pat Killingsworth updated us with myeloma stories. Click links to read them, Spanish research, journal article review, negative statistics.
Stephen Gaudet shared his journey to Churchill with us.

Our November Myeloma Cure Panel is scheduled for this week and we are excited, We are completely booked for the event and will bring you details of the panel broadcast next week.

We will be back with more on brain tumor research, heart attack, depression and medical breakthroughs.

Until then, stay healthy.

CureTalk Team