Twilight of the Gods

For every evil there's a good.

Loki's and asgard

Thor, Loki and all of Asgard were at peace when Loki had been poisoned by a serpent, and turned to forces of evil. he then sailed across gathering monsters to then attack Asgard. when his evil forces went to attack Asgard went into battle and met their foes, Odin, the king and god of Asgard had fallen to its death along with other gods like Frey and Heimdall (other important gods) when the top of the top fell, brothers turned against brothers,the sun and moon were destroyed and fire took over everything, Heaven,Hell,gods,godesses,men,women,elves,dwarves,monsters,giants,birds,beast,and the universe. but the good arose from the evil and miraculously a few of living creatures had returned to the nine worlds, and some of the gods. The 9 worlds now gotten a new world and a new time to remember.
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