North Africa

Silt are the small particles of rich soil. For countries, the Niles's waters would rise in the spring. The swollen rivers called silt. When it reached Egypt, the Nile flooded its banks. As the floodwaters withdrew the silt was left behind, making the land better for farming.
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Phosphate means mineral salt used in fertilizers. Egypt is developing a gas export market as w ell. The country also has phosphates.
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Bedouins means nomadic desert peoples of Southwest Asia. Almost half of Syria's 17.5 million people live in rural areas. A few are bedouins.
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Egypt has several main crops they use over there. Three crops they use or plant are; grain, fruits, and cotton.
The Berbers were the very first people known to live in North Africa.
The meaning of OPEC is; organization of P etroleum Eporting Coutries
Locusts Invade Israel, First Ravaging Crops in Egypt