-Amazing stories of people using perseverance in their life-

-What is perseverance-

Perseverance in not defined by a dictionary, but by the person who has to use it. We all define perseverance differently. Some define it as simply getting up each morning and getting dressed, while others define it as never giving up. If your perseverance is big or small, you can always do it.

-Tom Monaghan; From Rolling Dough to Rolling in Dough-

“Everyone wants happiness, nobody wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain” Unknown. Tom Monaghan was very successful in his pizza business, but all success comes with problems. One challenge for Tom was that he was working in partnership with his brother. This may not seem like a problem, but it was. Jim, his brother, was not as devoted to the business as Tom was, and did not do as much of the work. After a while Jim gave his share of the business to Tom and left. Tom solved this loss of help by working more, sometimes 18 hour days, and dropping out of college to focus on the business. Later he faced another problem. Tom wanted to expand his pizza business, yet he did not know how to do so. This led to him deciding to bring in an experienced business partner. Toms partner would not take anything less that ½ of the company. Tom decided to agree. This lead to more and more problems. His partner later got hospitalized and wanted to dissolve the partnership. This would cause Tom to pay him $20,000. Tom gave him the money and found a solution, just like he always had. The solution, go right back to making pizza. Later he dealt with yet another puzzle he had to solve, his ex-partner declared bankruptcy and put Tom responsible for $75,000 of bad debt. Tom took a while to solve this problem. The one solution he found was to make a payment plan and go right back to making his pizza. One main adversity that Tom faced was a devastating fire. It completely destroyed his anchor store. Tom’s insurance would only cover about $13,000 of the $150,000 in damage. His solution, go back to making pizza. Soon enough he was out of cash and checks were flying left and right. Tom’s accounting firm quit because he could not pay. The business he had worked so hard to build was quickly falling. This led to him bringing in yet another businessman to try and save his quickly growing pizza company. This time though, he was not fortunate enough to only sell ½ of his business, this time he lost all of it to the investor. He no longer had control of the business, but instead was simply the president of the board. Through all of these adversities Tom went right back to making pizza and it payed off. After a while they could start to celebrate their triumphs and not just mourn their hardships. Now they can say the promise “Dominoes will get the piping hot pizza to your door in 30 minutes or less.
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-Leroy and Dartanyon; The Brotherly Bond-

Leroy and Dartanyon shared a brotherly bond like no other. They both have disabilities, which being them closer together. Leroy lost both of his legs in a train accident when he was eight years old. Dartanyon was born with Libris Disease and is legally blind. They both shared the same resolve and conviction to do what they wanted, and to achieve their dreams.
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-Winston Churchill; The Long and Wonderful Life-

In 1874 Winston Churchill was born at his grandfather's house, Blenheim Palace in Marlborough, England. His father, Lord Randolph Churchill, was a member of the British Parliament, and his mother, Jennie Jerome, was an American heiress. After that in the years 1893 and 1894, Churchill was accepted to a Royal Military College and graduated near the top of the class. He was given a commission as a cavalry officer. Not long after that in 1899, Churchill managed to become war correspondent for The Morning Post. He was shot at, captured, and kept as a prisoner of war for a month when he managed to escape and make it to safety. Following that, in the year 1905, the Liberal Party won the national election and Churchill was asked to become the Under-Secretary of State at the Colonial Office. Next in 1911, Churchill was made First Lord of Admiralty, with meant that he was in charge of the British Navy. He worried about Germany's growing military strength, and spent the next three years working diligently to strengthen the British Navy. On May 10-13 of 1940 Churchill was asked to become the Prime Minister, he accepted. On the 13th he gave his big speech, “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat”in the House of the Commons. After a while he gave up his spot of Prime Minister. In the year 1951 the government once again asked Churchill to lead Britain. Churchill agreed and then started his second term as Prime Minister. Churchill was focused on foreign affairs because he was very nervous of the atomic bomb. In the end Churchill passed away on January 24, 1965. His health was failing previously and finally gave out. He suffered a massive stroke that put him in a coma. Previous to this he won quite a few awards, including his U.S. citizenship and a Nobel Prize.

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-Francisco Bucio; The Three Fingered Surgeon-

Francisco Buchio was a surgeon who faced many difficulties. He was stuck in a world record breaking 8.1 magnitude earthquake that crushed his right hand and destroyed it. He had to have all his figures, but his thumb, cut off. He had two of his fingers replaces with two of his toes, so that he could still operate on patients.
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-The Lady Jags; Losing to Win-

In the heart of Huntington, Tennessee lives a basketball team that is like no other. The Lady Jags are a team that is the only light in some girls’ adversity filled lives. Most of the girls have alcoholics and/or addicts as parents. They talk about coming home and finding the parents passed out, not knowing when they would wake up. There were girls with bipolar disorder, depression, and anger issues whose parents had given up on them. Sometimes their home situations would get so bad that they would go weeks without running water and electricity. They would have parents that were constantly in and out of their lives. The parents could be at home in the morning and in jail when the girls got home from school. The girls would never know. Some girls abused drugs or alcohol themselves. One of the girls admitted that the first time she smoked marijuana was at age 8. Another one of them abused alcohol and drugs for a while. The girls on this team got court ordered to Carroll Academy. Carroll Academy is the school that the Lady Jags play for. They all have faced some adversity to get into Carroll Academy, but to say the they did not face triumphs would not be fair. Their basketball team has an unbreakable bond. As close as the girls will get to the bond a normal family should share. They have kept this bond through a 212 straight losing streak with their last win being in 2013, yet even when the team loses, they are losing to win.
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Perseverance is so many different things and comes in so many different forms. "In order to fly you must have wings" that is what many people think. But those few who have conviction believe that to fly you must be alive. They don't think that you have to have wings, or that you have be be a bird. They simply think that you have to believe. That is what real perseverance is.
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