June 3rd - 6th

End of the Year Workdays

June 7th - AM work day and PM conference trade-off day. If you worked during Parent/Teacher conferences you only need to work 3.75 hours on the 7th. You can no longer comp-out and you can't qualify for informal leave on that day, but I personally don't care which 3.75 hours you choose to work and no one will be clocking you at the door...

June 10th - AM conference trade-off day. PM non-contract day. If you worked during conferences, you are NOT required to come in on the 10th. If you did not work during conferences, you are expected to complete 3.75 hours on the 10th.

Grades Due

Monday, June 17th 2013 at 7am


We will be sending a Connect-Ed message to families on June 17th to let them know that grades have been finalized and reminding them to check PowerSchool. You, of course, will need to have all grades finalized by that day!


Please see below from Andrea Thiry-Wenz regarding "expert teams". Let Phil know if you would like to join a team or if you no longer wish to be a part of your current team.

*Curriculum Team / “Expert” Roles & Responsibilities

The purpose of the role of curriculum team member or “expert” is to assist in building the capacity of the district and the building. This role is one of shared leadership. Disciplinary/content area study is one aspect of what these teams and representatives will undertake. However, at this point in time, “expert” refers to the role as the local representative / go-to with first-hand information.

Professional Colleague / Developer:

· Contribute your expertise in the discipline and in instruction to the improvement of our curricular plan.

· Seek and integrate current best practice resources to the improvement process

Communicator / Consensus-Builder:

· Explain the progress of the curriculum team to the stakeholders at your building.

· Reinforce the process with which decisions are made within the group

· Bring feedback to the curriculum team /school/grade level (all stakeholder groups)

Lineville “Expert”/curriculum teams

(from 2012-2013)


  • Brandt
  • Engles


  • Koeller
  • Nackers
  • Nicol
  • Samorske
  • Weber
  • Petasek


  • Ives
  • Martin
  • Walder

ILC Disciplinary Literacy

  • Ives




  • Koeller


  • Miller


  • Koeller
  • Larson
  • Miller

21st Century Skills

  • Koeller
  • Wagner-Myers

AP Interview Process

We have it narrowed down to six! The next interviews will take place on June 5th - here at Lineville - in the TLC, LV Conference Room and the DO. Finalists will interview with Phil and Damian on June 13th. I hope to be able to announce the new AP to you by the end of the week of June 17th. Stay Tuned!

Digital Transformation Peer Coaching Application

Lineville Staff,

On Friday, Kyle Siech sent a professional development communication to all HSSD staff which identified how we would support teachers with the Digital Transformation. To help meet this goal, the District will be adding additional Peer Support Coaches in each building. Lineville has been allocated eight peer coaches (4 per grade level).

The primary goal is to have individuals that can further support colleagues as we work to build the capacity of all staff. The staff members that are chosen should have the willingness to serve in this capacity, help to plan professional development opportunities here at LV and work collaboratively with their colleagues.

We will be paying a $500 stipend to the chosen individuals to become trained as a peer coach and to further support the implementation phases of the Digital Transformation.

The 2 day Peer Coach Training for the selected individuals will be held July 17-18 and August 19-20. If you are interested, and available to attend one of the sessions, please submit this form no later than the end of the day on Friday, June 7th.

Digital Transformation Peer Coaching Application