Anne Frank - 1929-1945

The Journal of Annelies Marie Frank

The journal of a young girl.

Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank was a diarist and writer. She is the most discussed

Jewish victims of the Holocaust. The diary of Annelies has been the basis for several plays and films.

Anne was born on the 12th of June, 1929 in Frankfurt and died on an unknown date in March, 1945 in Bergen - Belsen Concentration camp, Lohheide, Germany.

Anne Frank received a diary for her 13th birthday for how much she showed interest in journalism. Everything that Anne witnessed and experienced, she wrote down in her diary.

Anne insisted on having her diary published as a record of her experience. After her death, her father Otto came back to Holland after World War II ended, he sent out a search party for his daughters but eventually found out that both Margot and Anne were buried in a huge grave by the Nazi's. He then later received Anne Frank's diary from a family friend and then on, edited Anne Frank's diary and published it in 1947.

Anne's life and family:

Anne Frank and her family moved to Holland in 1933, after the Nazi's took power. Her father Otto then started a business in Amsterdam. Anne and Margot later on attended school. From an early stage, Anne showed interest in reading and writing. In 1940, when Holland was occupied by the Nazi, the family was under threat.

The Frank family had the same rules to the German Jews. The Jewish children could only attend Jewish schooling. They also had curfews and were not allowed to own a business. They were also forced to wear a yellow star to present and identify themselves.

In July, 1942 Margot Frank received a "call up notice" from the Central Office of Jewish Emigration ordering her to report for a relocation to a work camp. This notice call made the Frank family turn into hiding earlier than planned.

Anne Frank, died in Bergen - Belsen concentration camp, (not in the gas chambers). She became abnormally thin and weak, especially because of her lack of food.

Her mother had died in January 6th, 1945, as her sister Margot Frank, died in March 9th, 1945 from typhus disease.

Three days after her sisters death, Anne herself failed to resist pressure, temptation and suffered from typhus. - March, 1945.

Anne Frank believed that her father had died in the gas of the concentration camps. Her father had survived and had gotten away with faking his death. He then later on got remarried to Elfriede after Edith Frank died, he then died in 1980.

On the run from the Nazis

All 5 families including the Franks, all went into hiding from Hitler's invasion. They all hid themselves in the annex of Otto Frank's office behind a secret access bookshelf, building the prinsengracht in Amsterdam, in the heart of the city.

During their time hiding, Anne Frank kept a diary which she is recieved on her 13th birthday. Anne's diary was always in use. While she was in hiding, Anne used to think of her diary as her bestfriend. Her diary helped her express her emotions towards how she was feeling. Her diaries name was "Kitty".

On August, 1944, the hiding place was betrayed and the five families that were there were taken to different concentration camps.

Always, all the time.

Anne Frank was one the most inspirational person to ever walk this earth. She was only a young teenager, that had been through only so much. Anne learned to carry a diary around that she received on her birthday to express all of her feelings and emotions. She was a very smart, talented and gifted girl.

No matter what had been happening with the Nazis, no matter how much people were killed or how much people that she had witnessed that had starved and suffered from any sort of diseases, she still managed to keep something that had become apart of her, to influence her to stay alive.

No matter what happens with your life, always remember that no matter what generation were in, people have suffered more than what you think. So, always keep in mind to stay positive, because no matter what happens in your life, there is always someone out there in this world, wishing to be in your shoes.


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