Prince Henry the Navigator

Early Educator


Prince Henry the Navigator

Prince Henry the Navigator is responsible for many advances in exploration. He built a school, and observatory for people to come and learn how to sail better and lead better expeditions. He taught better sailing methods, and how to navigate their ships. Prince Henry also had financed research by mapmakers, and shipbuilders. Although Prince Henry had taught how to sail better, and lead better expeditions, he never lead a expedition himself. Instead, Prince Henry had only financed expeditions to explore the west coast of Africa. Prince Henry has greatly advanced the sailing, and exploration methods of Portugal.

Journal Entry

Today has been a great day. The progress of the new school is great, at this rate we should have the school done by late October. We also should also be ready to start enrollment by early November. I have been getting so many letters about the progress of the new school. It seems as if every young sailor within 50 miles wants to enroll. The mapmakers and the shipbuilders from Spain have replied to my letter. I asked them if they would help me at my new school. They said" YES", but only if I give them a place to stay. I sent them a letter back saying I have found them a place to stay, for them to come to the school in a week. I can't wait to see what they say.