A Profile of the Northeast

Rhode Island & New Hampshire

The Northeastern Region of the United States

The northeast, formerly known as New England, is well know as being a cultural and historical hotspot of the United States with New York City (New York) Boston (Massachusetts) and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) but it is also a lanscape with vibrant colors in the fall, rolling farms, rushing waterfalls, unique precipitation paterns, and soil.

Culture of the Northeast

· Recreation
o 2 of America's most beloved games were created in the northeast. Basketball by James Naismith in 1891, and volleyball by William Morgan in 1895.
· Food
o Seafood is a commonly eaten in the North because of the access they have to the Atlantic Ocean.
§ Maine has excellent lobster
§ Boston has great clam chowder
§ New England, overall, has good fried/steamed clams
o Dairy is also commonly consumed because they have a lot of dairy farms in the Northeast. People consume more ice cream in the Northeast than anywhere in the United States.
o Baked beans, potato chips, and Buffalo wings were all created in the Northeast.
· Religion
o Predominantly Roman Catholic (Christian)
o Highest concentration of Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Eastern Orthodox (Christians), and Buddhists.
· Ethnicity/Race
o Highest concentration of Irish-Americans and Italian-Americans
o African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians also have large numbers
o Jewish-American, Portuguese, and French-Canadian descendants are highly populated in this region
o Amish (Swiss-German descendants)
· History
o Traditionally a Republican stronghold/hub.
§ Supported
Free Labor
§ Anti-slavery
§ From the Civil War to the Great Depression, government was largely effected by Republican beliefs from the North.
o Democratic policies were softened in the 90’s causing more northerners to vote in favor of democratic runners.

A Profile of Rhode Island

Rhode island (also known as the Ocean State) is 1,212 square miles, with 1.055 million people; it's capital is Providence. It is "sandwiched" between Connecticut and Massachusetts bordering the Atlantic Ocean.
  • it is the smallest of the 50 states
  • it is a major center for Jewelry Manufacturing
  • fishing and other oceanic sports are common in the industrialization of Rhode Island
  • Rhode Island's history is rather rebellious including: religious and government

A Profile of New Hampshire

New Hampshire (the Granite State) is 9,350 square miles, with 1.327 million people; its capital is Concord. It is "wedged" between Vermont, Maine, Canada (specifically Montreal) and (partially) the Atlantic Ocean.

  • home to Mount Washington (6,288 ft) in the northern region
  • their state motto is "Live free or die."
  • it is 4th smallest state in USA
  • tourists often visit during the cooler, winter months for snow activities like skiing in the northern mountains of the North