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Upcoming Field Trips in January and February

Snapshots from the 8th grade FACE classroom

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Important Dates

Jan. 19 - Half day due to end of quarter

Jan. 22 - 3rd quarter begins

Jan. 31 - Principal's Coffee at 9 a.m. in the library

Jan. 31 - 8th grade baby pictures due

Feb. 2 - Payment & registration due for 6th grade CWES trip

Feb. 2 - Personalized yearbook orders due

Feb. 3 - Ski Brule trip

Feb. 9 - Payment of $125 due for 8th grade Washington, D.C. trip

Feb. 17 - Special Olympics basketball game at 10:00 a.m. in the gym

Feb. 23 - Non-personalized yearbook orders due

Feb. 23 - No school due to teacher inservice day

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Emergency Monthly Testing

Over the past few years, the Sturgeon Bay School District has incorporated several new emergency and security upgrades. Some of these upgrades include: the installation of Panic Alarms at each main office, the addition of an emergency phone line to each school, and the installation of an emergency lockdown button at each main office. Below are four examples of our current safety drill practices.

Conduct Quarterly Safety Drills: Each quarter, all Sturgeon Bay schools conduct safety drills in a collaborative effort involving each building principal on Modified Lockdowns, Lockdowns, and Evacuations.

Panic Alarm Testing: Panic alarms were installed in the main office at each school in the district and are wired directly to the Door County Dispatch Center. When the panic alarm is pressed and activated, dispatch will immediately receive an alarm stating there’s an emergency at that specific school. When the panic alarm is activated all school administration, the School Resource Officer (SRO), and school secretaries receive an email notifying them of the alarm at that school. Each month, our SRO tests and activates the panic alarm at all five schools to ensure the alarms are functioning properly and being received by the Dispatch Center, as well as those school officials. Once the alarms are received, the alarms are then reset. Dispatch will receive another alarm notifying them that the panic alarm is cleared. When the panic alarm is reset another email is sent stating that the panic alarm has been cleared. Prior to any testing, our SRO notifies the Door County Dispatch Center, administration, and the Sturgeon Bay Police Department advising them of the testing.

Emergency Phone line testing. Each school in the district has its own emergency line that will ring simultaneously to that school secretary, school principal, school guidance counselor, and the SRO. This phone line can receive phone calls internally and externally. This emergency phone line is a separate line and will ring until someone picks it up. Each month SRO calls each emergency line from an internal school phone, and from an external phone line. This phone line also has it owns special ring to alert staff of the emergency call coming in.

Emergency Lockdown button. Each school main office has an emergency lockdown button installed. When this emergency button is pressed and activated, it will immediately lock any and all exterior doors throughout the district. This lockdown will override any staff key fob with the exception of a few staff (ie: Administration, SRO, Maintenance, and Police and Sheriff Department) from entering the schools. During testing, our SRO presses and activates the lockdown button, which immediately locks all exterior doors. After the emergency lockdown, our SRO checks various exterior doors with and without a regular staff key fob to ensure that the doors are locking properly, and are not opening to any staff key fob. The SRO then uses an assigned key fob to enter the building to ensure that the doors are unlocking and opening for those assigned staff. After the emergency lockdown button has been pressed, maintenance cancels the emergency lockdown from their computer system, to release the emergency lockdown.

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The Public Health Department is able to provide the required 6th grade Tdap immunization free of charge, regardless of insurance status. For more information about this and other services please call 920-746-2361, click the link above, or go to Community Links under the Community tab on our website.

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Door County Maritime Museum Offers Free Kids Days in February.

This offer is for children 12 years of age or younger. For more information please call 920-743-5958, click on the link above, or go to Community Links under the Community tab on our website.