The Dollhouse Murders

by Betty Ren Wright

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A Ghostly Secret

12 year old Amy has decided to stay at her aunt's house for a while.oh what a joy it was for her, until she discovers a dollhouse in the attic,and soon after finds that it is haunted!

Will Amy be able to find out the secret of the dollhouse,and still enjoy her time at her aunt's, or will the mystery go unsolved...forever!

Meet the characters

Throughout this book you will meet many characters such as:Amy, Louann, Aunt Clare, Amy's parents and friends, and the mysterious ghost of the dollhouse.(note:this is not all the characters in the book 'cause reading is not as fun if you know all the spoilers)

Look at all these numbers!

The Dollhouse Murders is a top rated book and has been for decades.It's so well rated it's scary!

"4.5 out of 5"-from Tip Top Books

"5 stars"-from Super Special Media

"10 out of 10!"-from Superstar Ratings

"If you're asking why you should read it",says IO ratings, "You should be asking, Why Not!"

A Bone-Chilling Joy for all ages!

The Dollhouse Murders,has something for everyone.Suspense for the curious ones,no bad content,making it good for the little ones, and It is a quick read for someone who is just bored.So remember,this a top-rated book for all ages with lots of fun characters and plot twists.Go ahead and read it,you know you want to...