Boy in the Striped Pajamas

By: John Boyne


If you read this book you will go on a journey of a nine-year old boy named Bruno. The adventure starts at their house in Berlin. Bruno returns home from school to find out they are moving and he has to leave his three best friends. They move to a place Bruno so calls out-with. The new house isn't nearly as big as the old one and not as many good banisters to slide down. His sister Gretel meets Lieutenant Kotler and his sister really likes this guy but Bruno doesn't really have a good gut feeling about this guy, and yet Kotler works for his dad so Bruno will be seeing a lot of him in the future.

One warm sunny day Bruno decides to set off for an adventure. He goes through his back gate and then comes to a fence. He follows this fence and he sees a dot, then it becomes a speck, then becomes a blob, that turns into a figure, that turns into boy! Bruno is relieved that there are boys to play with after all. Except this boy is very pale with almost a grey tint to his face and is wearing grey striped pajamas. As a few days pass Bruno starts to become friends with this young Jewish boy Shmuel. Everyday bruno finds himself sneaking bread and sometimes cheese for Shmuel. Bruno wants to go over to the other side of the fence with Shmuel but Shmuel refuses. Then one day Bruno asks Shmuel to bring an extra pair of pajamas so Bruno can crawl under the fence and play with Shmuel. With all the pressure Shmuel agrees.

The next day when meeting up Bruno crawls under the fence and puts on the pajamas. All of a sudden soldiers are around a group of people and Shmuel and Bruno get sucked into the crowd they have no ides whats going on, Read the book to find or what happens the two little boys.

The three things I learned in this book.

1- I learned that families are separated at the concentration camps and its a harsh thing.

2- I learned that the Jews are not only prisoners but can be cooks or even other things.

3- I also learned that soldiers and hard and harsh on everyone even there own families.

Who will enjoy this book?

This book could be read by lots of people even if you don't like historical fiction. I really like mystery books and this book I thought was amazing. If you like books where there is adventure and stuff that could be real life events then you will enjoy this book.

Rating- 4 out of 5 stars

Genre- Historical Fiction