Andrew Jackson

By: Steven Guilbert

Andrew Jackson's early life

Andrew Jackson influenced America by changing Presidency. Andrew Jackson was born into a poor family. This made him very tough and strong which led him to try to fight in the revolution at age 13. The war caused the rest of his family to die. He became very wild and reckless after becoming orphaned.
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Jackson's education

He began to take education in law as a young adult and it caused him to become smarter and better with political things. He became a very successful lawyer and slowly rose in political power. His knowledge of law helped him become more popular and eventually led him to become President.

Life events that changed him

He had many things happen during his life that changed him. Jackson helped during the revolution and even became a POW at one point. Another big thing that influenced him was that his whole family died after the revolution. One of the big things that helped him become President was that he was the hero of New Orleans. He also became President which made him more famous.

Accomplishments that helped him

He accomplished many things that helped him become President and change presidency forever. He became the hero of New Orleans, which helped him become more popular and eventually became President. His biggest accomplishment was becoming President. This allowed him to change Presidency in many ways.

Interesting things that changed him

He had some things happen to him that influenced him. Only President that was a POW. This was why he was so tough. He married his wife before she had been legally divorced. This made his competitors say bad things which influenced him. He was the first President that was a target of assassination. This made him more angry and strong.

Ways Jackson changed things

He the way Presidents are elected. Another thing he did was create the spoils system which altered the way the cabinet is chosen. He strengthened the President's powers and abilities.

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