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December 14th - 18th

Reading and Writing

Our essential question for the week is "What do we know about Earth and its neighbors?" Using the expository text, Earth and Its Neighbors, the students will use the comprehension strategy summarizing to explain what was read, pulling out the main idea and key details.

This week's writing task will go into next week as well. The opinion topic is: What “rule” that grown-ups make you follow do you think should be eliminated. I thought that might be engaging for them and we took some time to brainstorm ideas. They will be turning this one in for some formal grading. I read and score all writing, however some writing I pull for formal assessment. This is not the district required writing for this unit but we have been having lessons on transitions and opinion writing so I wanted to collect some data. This writing task will be due 12/23.

The district 3rd grade writing task for unit 3 is an opinion piece about a book. I have selected "Sarah, Plain and Tall" by Patricia MacLachlan as a class book for novel study for this task. This way I can help students think deeper about the text with questions and discussion more than I could with their DEAR/free reading book. If you happen to check in on the GoogleClassroom you will see this assignment there. This will be a school assignment. I assigned the questions to be due 1/15 but the actual formal writing isn't due until 1/22. I wanted to start the reading, study, and discussions to give the students plenty of time to complete the writing task at the end. If anyone happens to have the Hallmark copy of "Sarah, Plain and Tall" I would be interested in borrowing it the end of January when students have completed their writing.


This past Friday, the students took Unit 4 Math test. The class average was 92%. I was so proud of them as it was not the easiest test. There were several questions where if I gave them any guidance it would have given them the answer so I just had to keep encouraging them to look at it from all sides and keep trying. There are trends seen with measuring. For example, if it says to measure to the nearest 1/2 inch students think it needs a fraction. We will continue to count by halves so they see that when counting on a number line you do land on whole numbers. We will also continue to play What's My Rule? with polygons as that process of elimination problem solving was difficult on the test. Overall students did great on area and perimeter.

We will start Unit 5 on Fractions Tuesday. Students have already begun some work with fraction circles.

The following are key topics in Unit 5:
  • parts of a whole
  • how to draw, write fractions
  • equivalent fractions
  • continue building mastery with multiplication too

Lucky 7 Reward

A few weeks ago the students finished up another Lucky 7 reward of getting 7 pennies in a row. Then the Friday I was gone I came back and they had 7 in a row again. It is impossible to get 7 immediately in a row without some.....help.....but I told them I would just lump the two together for a special treat, my pick.

Most teachers watch a movie the day before winter break and before the winter party. I want to do something different. I think it would be fun for the students to have a lip sync "battle." Since music is poetry and fluency of lyrics must be obtained to have a proper lip sync I think it would be a fun language arts activity. This will be completely optional as I know some students would prefer not to be on center stage, but if they choose to participate I have some guidelines.

  • They can work independently or in a small group (no more than 4)
  • All preparations must be done outside of the learning hours. This means they can work on it at recess if they wish, but preferably on their own time.
  • Song choices must be appropriate and approved by Mrs. Whitver. I was thinking songs like Disney themes, or show theme songs. Popular music can be fine too, but again, it needs to be appropriate and approved.
  • No duplicates. I don't want 6 Whip and Nye Nyes...can you blame me?
  • Costumes and props- I'm okay with this as long as they don't get out of hand. I don't want you to spend any money on the creating of costumes and props. This is just a fun activity for us to do for an hour the day before break.

This is the first time I have done anything along these lines before, so please bare with me as questions and adjustments arise.

Class Happenings


Day C


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Computer Lab

** No PE due to Bowling Trip for 5th grade. We made up this session last week**

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