Music from the 1950s

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Music from the 1950s

There was a lot of popular music in the 1950s. Popular in the 50's was Country Music, Jazz, and Rock n Roll. Country with its roots based on old English and Scottish folk songs gained popularity throughout the 50's. Jazz came about from slaves moving north and adding piano and electric guitar to blues music. Then came rock n rock at a time when radio was becoming more common and baby boomers were hitting teenage years giving rock n rock a huge following.

Fun facts

Fun facts

1. The Grand Ole Opry became a travel destination after post war travel restrictions were lifted.

2. Alan Freed was a D.J and made a song for black and white people because white Peolpe didn't listen to black peoples music, but when that song came out white People liked it.

3. Rockabilly was a combination of country and blues created in the 50's

4. the 50's music was a time of innovation and helped to influenced the music we listen to today

5.Rock and roll was first said by Alan Freed in the early 50's when he described the music on his radio show.

6. Who's called the "King of Rock in Roll"? Elvis Presley


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