Islamic Advances in Medicine

Many important things have come out in the field of medicine from the Muslim community, including surgery, hospitals, and even the use of the toothbrush. One of the most important medical books in history, The Canon of Medicine, was written by a Muslim, Idn Sina.
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Around the year 1,000, a doctor named Al Zahrawi published a 1,500 page encyclopedia that was used as a medical reference for nearly 500 years. He also discovered alternative ways to stitch wounds using animal guts, and performed the first ever C-Section.

Hospitals were also invented by Muslim doctors, and the first one, the Ahmad ibn Tulun Hospital, was founded in 872 A.D. It provided free service to anyone who needed it, a policy based on Muslim tradition.

Even the prophet Mohammed popularized the use of the toothbrush, using a twig from a Meswak tree.

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All of these inventions are extremely important in modern day medicine; C-Sections are widely performed today to deliver babies, hospitals are widespread in countries around the globe, and everyone in this room brushed their teeth this morning. At least I hope you did. As you can see, Islamic culture has influenced modern medicine tremendously.
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By Sylvia Cervino and Carson Keller