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DE Boot Camp: Presenting Publishing & Collaborating 1 Sharing DE with the outside world

We've learned how to ASSIGN all sorts of media and activities to students inside Discovery, but what if you want to share things from Discovery outside of Discovery Education's site to a more global audience? Let me introduce you to the SHARE function. All of the types of media that we've been learning about, whether in the DE library, your own uploaded media, or activities that you create - all of those can be shared to your favorite social media tool or through any web-accessible link.

So how does this work? However you choose to share your item, whether through a direct link or a social media site, it will include a link... when your user clicks the link, they'll be prompted to login to Discovery (if they're not already logged in) and then will be taken directly to the media or activity you've selected.

Sharing from the media library

To share media from the Discovery Media Library, simply find our handy little "plus-triangle" widget and click the triangle. You'll have the option to share that Discovery item out in a pre-formatted post to a collection of the most popular social sharing sites, like Edmodo, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more - and if you don't see the site you're looking for, click the green "more" button to find an extensive list of dozens more sites to choose from.

You'll also find a COPY LINK provided for you. You can copy this link and share it on any linkable document, like your class web page, an email, a desktop shortcut, or bookmark... you can use this link anywhere you can add a direct link to that specific Discovery media item. Again, when your user clicks the link, they'll be prompted to login to Discovery and then will be taken directly to the media you've selected.

Sharing from My Content

You can also share anything you've added to your My Content - your own uploaded files or entire folders of media that you've selected. Simply click the ACTIONS button at the right of your chosen item, choose SHARE from the pull-down menu, and choose your sharing options as desired.

Share your quiz, assignment, or writing prompt

You can also share quizzes, assignments, or writing prompts through the ASSIGN portion of the builder tool. Instead of assigning to a class as we discussed last week, instead, click the ASSIGN BY CODE OR URL tab, copy the "Writing Prompt URL", and post that link where you like.

You can also share to social sharing sites, as with other items - just go to your My Content and find where you saved the builder activity, and then share through the ACTIONS tool as described above.

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Sharing your board builder boards

Yep - you can share your Board Builder Boards too - just click the SHARE button inside the builder and choose whatever sharing options you like, just like you would sharing from the DE library or from your My Content.

Today's Assignment: Choose something to share

Today, I'd like you to consider all of the different ways that you can share media from Discovery Education, and reflect on what you think will be most useful to you in your own classroom. With that in mind, practice sharing several things from Discovery and test it out from the viewer's perspective. Whether you choose to post something to your Edmodo class, Tweet something, share something on your website, add a link to your Pinterest page, or something else - try out the method or methods that you think will be most beneficial for you and your students.

Bonus tip of the day! Edmodo!!!

If you haven't explored Edmodo before, take some time to check it out. Edmodo is an online classroom tool that is one part learning management system, another part educational social sharing, and always free to educators and students. To start using Edmodo, just go to their website at and click the green button to "Sign up for free". You can build our own network of educators, create your own custom groups (like for your classes, for example), post messages, make assignments, create quizzes, and so much more. Watch the video below to learn how to start using Edmodo in your own classroom today.

Best of all... you can post anything from Discovery directly to your Edmodo site by using the SHARE tool!!!

What is Edmodo??

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